Theatre Information


Byrd Theatre 2908 W Cary Street Richmond VA 23221-3515

Showtimes Line

(804)353-9911 To avoid confusion, the phone message always has the current week (Friday-Thursday) only.  If you want to know what is starting Friday before midnight on Thursday; is the only place to find out!

Box Office

Our theatre box office always opens 1/2 hour before each show. At that time, tickets will be sold for THAT SHOW ONLY! (Bear in mind that we do not show previews, so arrive early!) We are not set up to sell advance tickets for any shows or screenings. This should not present a problem for you as we have 1300 seats! Advance tickets for special events are not sold at theatre: they frequently are available at Bygones, Chop Suey Books, or from sponsoring organizations. (Check our event listings for specifics about a particular event or show.) We accept cash only at our box office and concession stand. We have an ATM on site.

Theatre Phone

(804) 358-3056 Be prepared to leave a message; it is unlikely you will get anyone at this number at any time. Note: Messages left at this number requesting schedule information will NOT be answered.

Theatre Fax

(888) 540-4614

Email Manager’s Note: If you want to contact us about rentals, lost items, screen advertising or other pressing issues, you will get much faster response by emailing rather than leaving a phone message. Emails come directly to my cell phone and I will contact you as soon as possible.


There is plenty of parking in Carytown. The three-hour weekday limit, currently being actively enforced, on most of Cary itself ends at 6pm, so if you grab a space by 4, you’re good for dinner, a movie, and dessert or more afterwards! There also is street parking with no time limit on many of the side streets off Cary. There are also two dual-level parking decks in Carytown, one of which is directly behind the Byrd off Colonial Ave…these have a posted 3-hour limit which is now enforced Monday-Friday from 8am-6pm.

Our patrons may also park in the surface lot behind the stores in the block right before ours (west of the Byrd) You may park in this lot till 1am most nights and till 4am weekends. NONE of these parking areas belong to the Byrd, so we have no control over changes in policies. You MAY NOT park in the private lot alongside of Portrait House across the street from the Byrd. Also note there is a passenger loading zone immediately in front of the theatre that is “no parking” whenever we are open, allowing you to drop off your family safely before parking your car.


The information on this website is the most up-to-date information on Byrd shows available. We provide information to other movie websites, but when mistakes are made, it’s all but impossible to fix in a timely fashion. Second-run films have to be booked as they are available, so it isn’t possible to know what we will play several weeks in advance. Rarely do we know before Tuesday what will start Friday. The film distributors have absolute control over when a film is “second-run”, so just because something is no longer showing elsewhere in town doesn’t mean it’s available to us. When several movies are available at the same time we must make the best choice we can, which sometimes means deciding that something we would have liked to have shown will not show at the Byrd. There is no point emailing or leaving a message asking for information on our schedule (this includes asking whether or not a particular film will be shown at the Byrd) : if it isn’t here, it hasn’t been confirmed. To avoid confusion, the phone message always has the current week (Friday-Thursday) only. If you want to know what is starting Friday before Thursday at midnight; is the only place to find out! ALWAYS CHECK the schedule for the night you want to attend: because of special events, a movie may not show every day!